Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, lat. 14489

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Physical description: vellum, 215 fols. The manuscript is now a single volume comprised of two parts, written by two hands (fols. 1r–110v and fols. 111r–215v), likely bound together shortly after composition.

Language(s): Latin

Date: ca.1160–ca.1170

Provenance: St.-Victor, Paris (purchased for this library in the fifteenth century by Prior John Lamasse, died 1458); Basel (ca.1563)


Life of Judas (fols. 109v–110r)

Additional Contents: 

Boethius’ Liber de Trinitate, preceded and followed by commentaries by Thierry of Chartres and his school (fols. 1r–109v)

Isidore of Seville’s Expositio in Vetus Testamentum with additional anonymous notes (fols. 111r–201v)

Excerpt from Bede’s commentary In Prouerbia, known as “De muliere forti” (fols. 201v–207r)

Excerpts from anonymous biblical commentaries (fols. 207r–215r)

Catalogs: Delisle, Léopold. Bibliotheque de l’École des Chartes, vol. 30 (Paris: Libraire de la Société de l’École Impériale des Chartres, 1869), 18; Gorman, Michael M. “Jacobus Pamelius (1536–1587) and a St Victor Manuscript Used for the 1563 Edition of Bede: Paris lat. 14489.” Scriptorium 52 (1998): 321–30; Häring, Nikolaus. Commentaries on Boethius by Thierry of Chartres and His School, Studies and Texts 20 (Toronto: Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 1971), 27–28.

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