Heidelberg, Universität Heidelberg, inv. Kopt. 300+301

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Physical description: papyrus,  19 × 27 cm; highly fragmentary and lacunose, with more than 2000 fragments extant. Current reconstructions include 80 manuscript pages along with 18 fragments of pages (the remaining fragments are presumably too small to include). The initial editor, Carl Schmidt, numerated the pages unconventionally, such that the numeration runs consecutively through the manuscript without indicating recto or verso of the pages. Thus, the first fragment is named Seite 1 for the recto and Seite 2 for the verso, and so on.

Language(s): Coptic (Akhmimic)

Date: ca. 6th. cent.

Provenance: unknown

Contents: Acts of Paul (CANT 211)

Additional Contents: none

Catalogs: unknown

Other online databases: none

Entry created by Tony Burke, York University (tburke@yorku.ca), 2 February 2017.