Acts of Titus

Acta Titi

Standard abbreviation: Acts Titus

Other titles: Vita Titi

Clavis numbers: CANT 298, BHG 1850z

Category: Apocryphal Acts

Related literature: Acts of Paul

Compiled by Richard Pervo, professor emeritus of the University of Minnesota.

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Originally posted January 2016; updated February 2017.


The Acts of Titus has three parts: his early life (chs. 1-3), his time as a companion of Paul, (chs. 4-6), and his time in office as bishop of Gortyna (chs. 7-12). The text is attributed to a certain “Zenas the lawyer” (from Titus 3:13). The author reveals that Titus grew up in a noble home in Crete (indeed, he is said to be of the lineage of Minos, king of Crete). At the age of 20, a voice tells him that his classical education is of no benefit to him, so he turns to reading Hebrew scripture. His uncle, the proconsul, sends Titus to Jerusalem to investigate the activity of Jesus. There he witnesses the miracles, death, and resurrection of Jesus and becomes a believer. Titus receives ordination from the apostles and becomes Paul’s companion in his missionary endeavours. The two journey to Crete, where Titus encounters his brother-in-law Rustillus who tells Titus not to preach against the pagan gods but becomes a believer after Paul restores his deceased son to life. Together with Luke and Timothy, Titus remains with Paul until the apostle’s execution under Nero. Then Titus returns to Crete, where he destroys pagan temples and establishes churches. Titus dies in peace at the age of 94. The former polytheist temple in which he is laid to rest becomes a healing shrine. The text concludes with a brief chronology of Titus’s life.

Named historical figures and characters: Aphphia, Apollo, Artemis, Barnabas, Chrysippus, Dionysius the Aeropagite, Erastus, Euphemia (sister of Titus), Gamaliel, Herod Agrippa, Homer, Isaiah (prophet), Jesus Christ, James (son of Zebedee), John (son of Zebedee), Luke (evangelist), Minos, Onesiphorus, Panchares, Paul (apostle), Peter (apostle), Rustillus, Secundus, sister of Titus, Stephen (martyr), Timothy, Titus, Trajan, Vespasian, Zenas.

Geographical locations: Antioch, Asia, Caesarea, Cantanus, Chersonesus, Cisamus, Cnossus, Colossae, Corinth, Crete, Cydonia, Cyprus, Damascus, Derbe, Eleutherna, Ephesus, Gortyna, Greece, Hierapytna, Iconium, Jerusalem, Lampa, Lystra, Pamphylia, Paphos, Perga, Philippi, Pisidian Antioch, Rome, Salamis, Seleucia.



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Menology 2, represented by two manuscripts:

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Athens, Benaki Museum, 141 (11th cent.)

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