Cambridge Mass., Harvard Houghton Library, Syr. 39

h39-95-smallFormer shelfmark(s): SMH 27, access 3965; identified as Cod. Harris 73 by Agnes Smith Lewis in her edition of Prot. Jas. and 6 Bks. Dorm. from Sinaitic Palimpsest No. 30 (Smith Lewis, Agnes. Apocrypha Syriaca. The Protevangelium Jacobi and Transitus Mariae with Texts from the Septuagint, the Corân, the Peshitta, and from a Syriac Hymn in a Syro-Arabic Palimpsest of the fifth and other centuries, Studia Sinaitica 11 [London: C. J. Clay, 1902], online).

Images: not available online.

Physical description: paper, 16 × 11 cm, 237+ii fol., 1 col.

Language(s): Syriac

Date: 1857 (fol. 237r)

Provenance: Unknown. Scribes identified as Belna‘al (fol. 237r) and Qshy (fol. 95v). Purchased by Rendel Harris in Tûr Abdîn.


Cave of Treasures (fol. 2v-95r)

West Syriac Life of Mary (CANT 95) featuring:

Protevangelium of James (CANT 50; as book 1, fol. fol. 96r-107v; and book 2, fol. 107v-115v)

Vision of Theophilus (CANT 56; as book 3, fol. 115v-154v)

Infancy Gospel of Thomas (CANT 57; as book 4, fol. 155v-162v)

Six-Books Dormition of the Virgin (CANT 123-124; as book 5, fol. 162v-208r; and book 6, fol. 208r-237r)

Additional Contents: none.

Catalogs: Mosche H. Goshen-Gottstein, Syriac Manuscripts in the Harvard College Library: A Catalogue (Harvard Semitic Studies 23; Missoula, MT: Scholars Press, 1979), 52; Lewis H. Titterton, The Syriac Manuscripts in the Semitic Museum of Harvard University (unpublished thesis, 1925), 51-52; James T. Clemons, “A Checklist of Syriac Manuscripts in the United States and Canada,” Orientalia Christiana Periodica 32 (1966): 224-51 (MS no. 72).

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Entry created: October 19, 2016.