Vatican, Bibliotheca apostolica, Syr. 159

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Physical description: paper, 31.1 × 21.5 cm., 467 fol., 2 col.

Language(s): Syriac, Garšūnī

Date: 17th cent.

Provenance: Convent of Mar Cyriacus or of Abu Galeb (near Gargar).


Apocalypse of Paul (CANT 325; fol. 197f.)

Book of the Rolls (listed as the Book of Clement) (fol. 228f.)

Arabic Infancy Gospel (CANT 58; fol. 98v–104r; in Garšūnī)

Infancy Gospel of Thomas (CANT 57; fol. 104r–106v; in Syriac)

Additional Contents: works by Ephrem and Philoxenus of Mebbug, the canonical epistles of James and 1 Timothy, and others.


Assemani, Joseph Simonius. Bibliotheca Orientalis Clementino-Vaticana : In Qua Manuscriptos Codices Syriacos, Arabicos, Persicos, Turcicos, Hebraicos, Samaritanos, Armenicos, Aethiopicos, Graecos, Aegyptiacos, Ibericos, & Malabaricos, […]. 4 vols. Paris: Maisonneuve, 1756–1759 (vol. 3, pp. 307–19).

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