Tehran, Chaldean Church of St. Joseph, 8

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Other shelfmark(s): Chaldean Catholic Archdiocese, Fonds Issayi 18

Physical description: paper, 17 × 22.5 cm, 234 fols., 1 col. (page numbering differs by 1 leaf in HMML listing; some pages missing and bound out-of-sequence)

Language: Syriac

Date: 1741/1742

Provenance: copied in part by Jeremy, son of Thomas, from a manuscript dated 1243/1244 (fol. 44v)


East Syriac History of the Virgin (CANT 94; fols. 1v–44v)

History of Philip (CANT 253; fols. 79r–93r)

Acts of Andrew and Matthias (CANT 236; fols. 109v–122v)

Apocalypse of Paul (CANT 325; fols. 135r–172r)

Additional contents: History of the Rechabites (CAVT 166; 57r–78v), the Dialogue of Moses with God (123r–131r), the History of Joseph (182v–214r), and other tales.

Major studies:

Desreumaux, Alain. “Un manuscrit syriaque de Téhéran contenant des apocryphes.” Apocrypha 5 (1994) : 137–64.

Other online databases: none

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