Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, gr. 929

Images: Gallica

Other shelfmark(s): Colbert 5104

Physical description: parchment, dimensions not provided, pp. 588, 1 col.

Language: Greek

Date: 1497

Provenance: unknown


Acts of Pilate (CANT 62; pp. 1–35)

Report of Pontius Pilate (CANT 65; pp. 35–42)

Handing Over of Pilate (CANT 65; pp. 42–49)

Narrative  of Joseph of Arimathea (CANT 76; pp. 49–63)

Letter of Pilate to Herod (CANT 67; pp. 63–67)

Apocalypse of Esdras (CANT 340; CAVT 184.1; pp. 510–532)

Epistle of Christ from Heaven (CANT 311; pp. 548–561)

Additional contents: works of Basil of Caesarea, Gregory of Nazianzus, Ephrem Graecus, Athanasius of Alexandria, Eusebius of Alexandria, John of Damascus, and others.


Omont, Henri A. Inventaire sommaire des manuscrits grecs de la Bibliothèque nationale et des autres bibliothèques de Paris et des départements. 4 vols. 1886–1888. Paris: E. Leroux, 1898 (pp. 178–79).

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Entry created: 28 April 2017