Mount Sinai, St. Catharine’s Monastery, arab. 539

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Physical description: paper, 20 × 13 cm, 277 fols., 1 col. (also contains Syriac page-numbering one page off from Gibson’s renumbering)

Language(s): Arabic

Date: 12th cent. (Attiya), 1579 (Gibson)

Provenance: unknown


Martyrdom of Peter (CANT 190.IV; fols. 1v–13v)

Peter and Paul in Antioch (fols. 13v–30r)

Preaching of Paul in the City of the Pagans (fols. 30r–42r)

Martyrdom of Blessed Peter the Apostle (Ps.-Linus) (CANT 191; fols. 42r–57r)

Epistle of Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite to Timothy (CANT 197; fols. 57v–63r)

Acts of Andrew and Philemon (CANT 240; fols. 63v–72v)

Acts of Andrew and Bartholomew (CANT 238; fols. 72v–88r)

Martyrdom of Andrew (CANT 235; fols. 88r–90v)

Preaching of James, Son of Zebedee (CANT 273.1; fols. 90v–94v)

Martyrdom of James (CANT 273.2; fols. 94v–96v)

History of John (CANT 222; fols. 96v–106v)

Dormition of John (CANT 215.II; fols. 106v–111v)

History of Philip (CANT 253; fols. 111v118v)

Acts of Philip and Peter (CANT 252.1; Preaching, fols. 118v120v)

Preaching of Bartholomew and Peter in the Oasis (CANT 261; fols. 120v126v)

Martyrdom of Bartholomew (CANT 260; fols. 126v129r)

Acts of Thomas (CANT 245; Preaching, fols. 129v154r; Martyrdom, fols. 154v158v)

Acts of Matthew and Andrew in the City of Kahenat (CANT 268; 158v166v)

Acts of Andrew and Matthias (CANT 236; fols. 167r–181r)

Martyrdom of Matthew (CANT 269; fols. 181r–184r)

Martyrdom of James, Son of Alphaeus (fols. 184r–184v)

Acts of Simon the Canaanite (CANT 282; Preaching, fols. 185r–186v; Martyrdom, fols. 186v–187v)

Preaching of Jude, Brother of Jesus (BHO 1144; fols. 187v194r)

Martyrdom of Matthias (CANT 280.2; fols. 194r–196v)

Acts of James the Just (CANT 276; Preaching, fols. 196v–197r; Martyrdom, fols. 197r200v)

Martyrdom of Mark (CANT 287; fols. 200v–204v)

Martyrdom of Luke (Arabic) (CANT 293; fols. 204v–208r)

Martyrdom of Cornelius (fols. 208v–218v)

Additional Contents: On Melchizedek by Athanasius of Alexandria, lives of prophets.


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