Mardin, Church of the Forty Martyrs, 263

mardin-263-smallFormer designation: Dolabani 115.

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Physical description: paper, 18.5 × 13.5 cm, 240 pp., 1 col. The book has two hands: the main scribe and the scribe of recent replacement pages (59-60, 99-102, 115-18, 159-60, 177-78, 201-202, 219-20, and 235-36). Several pages are blank (1-2, 15-16, and 239-40) and pages 3-4 are missing. The final folio (pp. 237-38) is misplaced and belongs earlier in book six. The manuscript has been rebound into the covers of a modern French textbook, A First Year of French for Young Beginners by J. E. Mansion (first edition published in 1905).

Language(s): Syriac.

Date: 17th/18th cent.

Provenance: unknown.

Contents: West Syriac Life of Mary (CANT 95) featuring:

Protevangelium of James (CANT 50; as book 1, truncated at start, pp. 5-18; book 2, pp. 18-30)

Vision of Theophilus (CANT 56; as book 3, pp. 31-97)

Infancy Gospel of Thomas (CANT 57; as book 4, pp. 98-110)

Six-Books Dormition of the Virgin (CANT 123-124; as book 5, pp. 110-97; and book 6, pp. 197-238).

Additional Contents: none.


Dolabani, Yuhanna and Gregorios Ibrahim. Catalogue of Syriac Manuscripts in Za’faran Monastery, Dar Mardin: Christian Arabic and Syriac Studies from the Middle East 27 (Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias Press, 2009), part 2, 85.

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Entry created: 22 July 2016.