Mardin, Church of the Forty Martyrs, 101

Former shelfmarks: Dolabani 54

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Physical description: paper, 30 × 20 cm, pp. vi+337+v, 1–3 col.

Language(s): Syriac, Garšūnī

Date: 15th/16th cent. and 19th/20th cent.

Provenance: unknown


Arabic Infancy Gospel (CANT 58; beginning and ending missing, pp. 143–50; in Garšūnī)

Infancy Gospel of Thomas (CANT 57; pp. 151–54; in Syriac)

Additional Contents: works by Barhebraeus (poems, pp. 1-80 and an abridged copy of the Storehouse of Mysteries, pp. 83-139) and a Commentary on Matthew perhaps composed by Mushe bar Kifo (beginning and ending missing, pp. 157-336).


Dolabani, Yuhanna and Gregorios Ibrahim. Catalogue of Syriac Manuscripts in Za’faran Monastery, Dar Mardin. Christian Arabic and Syriac Studies from the Middle East 27. Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias Press, 2009 (part 1, p. 221).

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Entry created: 22 July 2016