London, Lambeth Palace Library, 1197

Images: some images online in Wright, Argyrou, and Dendrinos catalog (see below)

Other shelfmark(s): none

Physical description: paper, 21 × 12.9 cm, 22 fols., 1 col.

Language: Greek

Date: 15th/16th cent.

Provenance: acquired by J. D. Carlyle in the eastern Mediterranean 1799–1801


Epistle of Christ from Heaven (CANT 311; 5r–10v)

Questions of James to John (CANT 279; 11r–16v)

Additional contents: Pseudo-Ephrem, De salute animae; anonymous homilies.


Todd, Henry John. An Account of Greek Manuscripts, Chiefly Biblical Which Had Been in the Possession of the Late Professor Carlyle … now deposited in the archiepiscopal library at Lambeth Palace. London: Richard Gilbert, 1823 (pp. 52–53).

Todd, Henry John. A Catalogue of the Archiepiscopal Manuscripts in the Library at Lambeth Palace. London: Law and Gilbert, 1812 (p. 262).

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