London, British Library, Add. 12150

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Physical description: parchment, 37 × 28.25 cm, 255 fol., 3 col.

Language(s): Syriac

Date: 411

Provenance: A partly damaged colophon (fol. 254r) states that the manuscript was completed in Edessa in 723 (in the Seleucid era, i.e. 411 CE). Someone has later copied in 1398 (in the Seleucid era, i.e. 1086 CE) the entire original colophon us in the margin on fol. 239v. From this copy we also learn that the writer was called Jacob. Deir al-Suryan Fragment 27 belongs to the same manuscript; see Sebastian Brock and Lukas Van Rompay, Catalogue of the Syriac Manuscripts and Fragments in the Library of Deir al-Surian, Wadi al-Natrun (Egypt). OLA 227 (2014): 389–92.

Contents: the Pseudo-Clementines (portions of Klementia and Recognitions) (CANT 209; fol. 1v-72v).

Additional Contents: Against the Manicheans by Titus of Bostra (fol. 72v-156r); Eusebius, Theophaneia (fol. 156r-235v), The Martyrs in Palestine (fol. 235v-251r), and Panegyric on the Christian Martyrs (fol. 251r-252v); a Martyrology (fol. 252v-254r).

Catalogs: William Wright, Catalogue of Syriac Manuscripts in the British Museum acquired since the year 1838, vol. 2 (1871), pp. 631-633.

Other online databases: Wikipedia entry.

Entry created: 22 July 2016.