Cologny, Bodmer Library, Bodmer Miscellaneous Codex

Images: P. Bodmer VIII (1-2 Peter only) available at Digital Vatican Library; P. Bodmer VIII (1-2 Peter and Jude) at Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (black and white, low quality); high-quality images of P. Bodmer V and X in Thomas A. Wayment, The Text of the New Testament Apocrypha (100-400 CE) (London: T&T Clark, 2013), pp. 215–22, 255–80.

Physical description: papyrus, 14 × 16 cm, 172 pages (disassembled and with separate portions containing their own pagination); four different scribes worked on the manuscript and there are indications that the manuscript is composite.

Language: Greek

Date: ca. 4th cent.

Provenance: Dishna


Protevangelium of James (pp. 1–49; =P. Bodmer V)

3 Corinthians (pp. 50–57; =P. Bodmer X)

Odes of Solomon 11 (pp. 57–62; =P. Bodmer XI)

Additional contents:

Jude (pp. 62–68; =P. Bodmer VIII; =P72)

Melito of Sardis, Peri Pascha (pp. 1–63; =P. Bodmer XIII)

Fragment of a liturgical hymn (p. 64; =P. Bodmer XII)

Apology of Phileas (pp. 129–46; =P. Bodmer XX)

Psalms 33-34 (pp. 147–51; =P. Bodmer IX)

1-2 Peter (pp. 1–36; =P. Bodmer VIII; =P72); currently held at the Vatican Library


Testuz, Michel. Papyrus Bodmer V: Nativité de Marie. Geneva: Bibliotheca Bodmeriana, 1958 (Editio princeps).

Testuz, Michel. Papyrus Bodmer X-XII: Correspondance apocryphe des Corinthiens et de l’apôtre Paul; Onzième Ode de Salomon; XII: Fragment d’un Hymne liturgique. Manuscrit du IIIe siècle. Cologny-Geneva: Bibliothèque Bodmer, 1959 (Editio princeps of 3 Corinthians, pp. 30–44).

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