Cambridge Mass., Harvard Houghton Library, Syr. 129

Harvard Syr 129Former shelfmarks: SMH 128, access 4063

Images: not available online

Physical description: paper, 21 × 15 cm, 83 fol., 2 col. Incomplete and in some disorder. It once had 10 or more quires but now many leaves are missing and others have been re-bound out of sequence.

Language(s): Syriac

Date: ca. 17th cent.

Provenance: unknown

Contents: West Syriac Life of Mary (CANT 95) featuring:

Protevangelium of James (CANT 50; as book 1 but missing in this MS; book 2, fol. 67r-70r)

Vision of Theophilus (CANT 56; as book 3, fol. 70r-74v, 1r-20r, incomplete)

Infancy Gospel of Thomas (CANT 57; as book 4, fol. 20r-25r)

Six-Books Dormition of the Virgin (CANT 123-124; as book 5, fol. 27r-63r; and book 6, fol. 63r-66v, 76r-83v, 75, lacking the end)

Additional Contents: Psalms 25-28 appear between books 4 and 5.

Catalogs: Mosche H. Goshen-Gottstein, Syriac Manuscripts in the Harvard College Library: A Catalogue (Harvard Semitic Studies 23; Missoula, MT: Scholars Press, 1979), 89; Lewis H. Titterton, The Syriac Manuscripts in the Semitic Museum of Harvard University (unpublished thesis, 1925), 270; James T. Clemons, “A Checklist of Syriac Manuscripts in the United States and Canada,” Orientalia Christiana Periodica 32 (1966): 224-51 (at 231-50, MS no. 164).

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Entry created: 5 July 2016.