Cambridge, Cambridge University Library, Add. 2001

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Physical description: paper, 13.5 × 9 cm, 173 fol., 1 col. Folios missing after fols. 3, 11, 19, and 169. Fol. 2-3 are replacement pages in East Syriac script.

Language(s): Syriac

Date: 1481

Provenance: Deir al-Surian (Egypt); copyist identified as Habbībh of Tūr-‘Abhdīn (fol. 172v); a second colophon (fol. 173v) in Garshûni from 1697 reveals that a certain ‘Abd al-Ahad bought the book from Isaac, a Nestorian of Mardin, at Alqoš.

Contents: West Syriac Life of Mary (CANT 95; fol. 1r-142r) featuring:

Protevangelium of James (CANT 50; as book 1, 1r-6v, beginning missing; and book 2, 6v-13v)

Vision of Theophilus (CANT 56; as book 3, 13v-56v)

Infancy Gospel of Thomas (CANT 57; as book 4, fol. 57r-65r)

Six-Books Dormition of the Virgin (CANT 123-124; as book 5, 65r-122v, and book 6, 122v-142r)

Additional Contents: Jacob of Serug, On the Death and Burial of the Virgin (fol. 152r-159v), Miracle of the Theotokos in the city of Apamea (fol. 160r-163v), and Ps.-Ephrem, On the Malice of the Jews Against Mary and Joseph (fol. 163v-172r).

Catalogs: Wright, William and Stanley A. Cook. A Catalogue of the Syriac Manuscripts Preserved in the Library of the University of Cambridge, 2 vols. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1901), vol. 1, 487–491.

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