Cairo, Coptic Museum, Inv. 4851

Images: Claremont Colleges Digital Library (incomplete); Yale Beinecke Library

Other shelfmark(s): Nag Hammadi Codex III

Physical description: papyrus, 25.8 × 14.4/15.6/16.1 cm, 156 pp. (initial page blank, p. 2 title only, p. 148 blank, and final 3 leaves blank and missing), 1 col. Pages 19/20, 45/46, 47/48, 79/80, 109/110, 115/116 removed before acquisition by the Coptic Museum and now missing but are extant in the Claremont photographs; final three flyleaves missing, but likely blank. A fragment from the middle of pp. 145/146 is at Yale University (Yale inv. 1784).

Language(s): Coptic

Date: 4th century

Provenance: Jabal al-Taref, near Nag Hammadi


Secret Book of John (pp. 1–40)

Gospel of the Egyptians (pp. 40–69)

Eugnostos the Blessed (pp. 70–90)

Wisdom of Jesus Christ (pp. 90–119)

Dialogue of the Savior (pp. 120–47)

Additional Contents: none

Catalogs: codicological analysis in Stephen Emmel, Helmut Koester, and Elaine Pagels, eds. Nag Hammadi Codex III, 5: The Dialogue of the Savior. Nag Hammadi Studies 26. Leiden: Brill, 1984 (pp. 19–27).

Other online databases: none

Entry created by Tony Burke, York University (, 10 April 2017.