On the Priesthood of Jesus

De sacerdotio Christi

Standard abbreviation: Priest. Jes.

Other titles: Confession of Theodosius, Apology of Theodosius

Clavis numbers: CANT 54; BHO 810–12

Category: Infancy Gospels

Related literature: Michael Glycas, Quaest. 54 (S. Eustratiades, ed. Michaèl tou Glykas, Eis tas aporias tès Theias Graphès kephalia [Μιχαὴλ τοῦ Γλυκᾶ. Εἰς τὰς ἀπορίας τῆς Θείας Γραφῆς κεφάλαια] [Alexandria, 1912], 2. 92-107); John of Euboea, In conceptionem Deiparae 18 (PG 96:1489-92)

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Posted January, 2016.


On the Priesthood of Jesus is an example of an embedded apocryphon—meaning, the text comes with a framing story, in this case a dispute between Jews and Christians in the reign of the emperor Justinian I (527-565) during which an account is brought forward that is said to have come from an old codex in Tiberius saved from the destruction of the Temple in 70 CE. It is unlikely that this old account actually existed apart from the larger work. But it reveals that, early in the career of Jesus, a position became vacant in the 22-member priesthood. Jesus is put forward as a candidate but the priests must establish that he is a descendant of one of the priestly families. Since Joseph is deceased, they summon his mother, who reveals that Joseph was not Jesus’ earthly father but Jesus is still a suitable candidate because she is descended from the families of Aaron and Judah. As proof of her claim, the priests summon midwives to see if she is still a virgin. Her post partum virginity is established and Jesus is considered worthy of the priesthood. This makes it possible for Jesus to be the priestly messiah mentioned in Psalm 110:4 and provides background to the episode in Luke 4:16–22 where Jesus preaches in the synagogue.



3.1 Manuscripts and Editions

3.1.1 Arabic (related to the long Greek recension).

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3.1.2 Georgian (related to the long Greek recension).

Qubaneišhvili, Solomon Ivlianes-dze, ed. Ẓveli k’art’uli literaturis krestomathia. Tbilisi, 1946, p. 20-26.

3.1.3 Greek

A. Long recension (=Grl):

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Turin, Biblioteca Nazionale, gr. 185, fol. 289r–294r (14th cent.)

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B. Short recension (=Grs):

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Vatican, Biblioteca apostolica, Ottoboni gr. 408, fols. 170–172

Incorporated into the Suda (a 10th-century Byzantine encyclopedia)

Vassiliev (p. xxvi-xxvii) lists the following additional, unedited witnesses:

Cod. Ottobianus  408, fols. 170–172 (15th/16th cent.)

Cod. Mosquensi X, fols. 85–88 (12th cent.)

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Two unidentified manuscripts from Vienna mentioned by Fabricius, Cod. apocr. novi test., 1:372.

He lists also Vatican, Biblioteca apostolica, Palatini gr.  364 but this does not contain the text after all.

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3.1.4 Latin (translation of the Suda entry)

De Keyser, Jeroen. “Early Modern Latin Translations of the Apocryphal ‘De Sacerdotio Christi.’” Lias: Journal of Early Modern Intellectual Culture and its Sources, 40.1(2013): 29–82. (Includes the Suda lemma, six editions of Latin translations of the Suda text, and an inventory of manuscript witnesses.)

3.1.5 Slavonic (two versions related to the shorter Greek recension).

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3.1.6 Anglo-Norman (translation of the Suda entry)

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3.2 Modern Translations

3.2.1 English

Adler, William. “On the Priesthood of Jesus.” Pages 69–108 in vol. 1 of New Testament Apocrypha: More Noncanonical Scriptures. Edited by Tony Burke and Brent Landau. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2016 (translations of the longer Greek recension, the Suda entry alongside Vassiliev’s edition of the similar text in the Moscow manuscript, Vassiliev’s other manuscript from the Vatican, and a précis of the story by John of Euboea).

3.2.2 French

Migne, J.-P., ed. Dictionnaire des apocryphes; ou, Collection de tous les livres apocryphes relatifs à l’Ancien et au Nouveau Testament. 2 vols. Paris, 1856–1858 (French translation of the Suda text, vol. 2. cols. 383–87 ).

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3.3 General Works

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