Homily on the Life of Jesus and His Love for the Apostles

Narratio euangelica apocrypha cum homilia contexta in qua Iesum regem creare uolunt

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Clavis numbers: CANT 81

Category: Ministry Gospels

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Status: in progress by Timothy Pettipiece.

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3.1 Manuscripts and Editions

Manuscripts: various Coptic fragments.

3.2 Modern Translations

EAC 2, p. 103-134

Some material in F. Robinson, Coptic Apocryphal Gospels (Texts and Studies, 4.2; Cambridge 1896), p. xxix-xxxii, 168-179, 238-244.

3.3 General Works

Morard, F. “Homélie copte sur les apôtres au jugement dernier.” Pages 417–30 in  Early Christian Voices in texts, Traditions, and Symbols. Edited by D. H. Warren et al. Biblical Interpretation Series 66. Boston/Leiden, 2003.