NASSCAL Members Publication: Jean-Michel Roessli and Zbigniew Izydorcyk

A. Van den Kerchove, and L. G. Soares Santoprete (eds.), Gnose et manichéisme. Entre Les oasis d’Égypte et la Route fe la Soi. Hommage à Jean-Daniel Dubois. Turnhout: Brepols, 2016.

This extensive volume features over forty articles, primarily by our European colleagues. Two of the pieces, however, deserve particular mention here: “The Troyes Redaction of the Evangelium Nicodemi and its Vernacular Legacy” by NASSCAL member Zbigniew Izydorczyk (co-written with Dario Bullitta) and “Loisy et les apocryphes pétriniens” by NASSCAL board member Jean-Michel Roessli. For a complete list of the volume’s contents, see the page on the Brepols catalog web site or download this promotional flyer.