NASSCAL Member Publication: Biblical and Qur’anic Traditions in the Middle East

Cornelia Horn and Sidney H. Griffith, editors. Biblical and Qur’anic Traditions in the Middle East. Warwick, RI: Abelian Academic, 2016.

HornFrom the publisher’s press release (and order a copy of the book HERE):

The contributors to this volume present current research on the interaction of Muslim-Christian-Jewish religious developments in the Late Antique Near East. The reader will find topics addressing biblical and qur’ānic material applied to a wide range of questions covering the intersection of Jewish, Christian, Manichaean, Islamic, and Graeco-Roman religious sources. Unifying this research is the history of biblical traditions and their interpretation across religious boundaries as well as the role of Syriac literature and thought in the transmission of religious ideas and material in Late Antiquity.
Key themes of the volume include studies on:

  • Syriac Christian and Jewish traditions in the exegesis of the Psalms
  • Biblical exegesis and Syriac polemic against Evagrian eschatology
  • Gender (re)constructions and Biblical interpretation
  • Exegetical traditions and the sensesBardaisan and Middle Platonism in the Syriac Christian context
  • Apocryphal and pseudepigraphical literature and the transmission of traditions in the Qur’ān
  • The development of early asceticism at Antioch
  • Sources for the history of Manichaeism

The book lays bare current debates concerning the development of religion in the Near East which impacts modern societies in East and West.
Biblical & Qur’ānic Traditions in the Middle East is essential reading for students and scholars seeking insight into the sources, methods, and current thought concerning Syriac and Arabic Christianity and its role in the development of religion and philosophy in Late Antiquity.