NASSCAL Member Publication: Richard Pervo, Acts of John

Richard Pervo, The Acts of John. Early Christian Apocrypha 6. Salem, OR: Polebridge Press, 2015.

When and where was the Acts of John composed, by whom, for whom, and why? Using his vibrant Scholars Version translation, Pervo introduces the text of the Acts of John, identifies its sources, investigates early witnesses, and illuminates the motivations of its author. Includes the text, notes, and cross-references.

The Early Christian Apocrypha series features fresh new translations of major apocryphal texts that survive from the early period of the Christian church. These non-canonical writings are crucial for determining the complex history of Christian origins. Each translation is accompanied by appendices, textual notes, translation notes, cross references and index. An extensive introduction also sets out the challenge of recovering and reconstructing the original text.